About Me

Hi there! I am so excited you are checking out my site! Here’s a little bit about me.

I am a wife and homeschooling momma to two amazing boys. As a family we really have a deep love for life, people, the world, and a never give up attitude. You can check out our story on my personal Blog/Website by clicking here.

In my late teens, I travelled to New York and Milan as a professional model. That is where my love for photography and travel began. I would get frustrated with how most photographers could not capture who I was and I began watching and learning to see what did and didn’t work.

In 2002, family and friends pooled together to purchase my first film camera for my birthday. It was something I had desired to do for so long and I’m sure I drove everyone crazy with the thousands of photos I took. (Actually I think I still drive a select few crazy, especially when on hikes or long walks on the beach… You know who you are 😉 )

My hobby has taken a turn, in a very positive direction, and wonderful opportunities keep presenting themselves to photograph people in all walks and moments of life. I absolutely love capturing the essence of who people are and sharing their stories through pictures. I have a deep passion to photograph the beauty I see all around me, human or not. I have become a light-stalking “Documentary-Lifestyle-Photographer,” and I love every minute of it!

I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of how I view the world and the people around me as you check out the site.

Have a great day!

— Niki

Photos courtesy of Rochelle Elise Photography and Michael Shilton.

A HUGE Shout Out to Conor B. of Citadel Media for the amazing work done to create this site. You are a very talented and patient man! Thank You!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much Lalainia Lindberg-Strelau for the beautiful work and all your time spent to help create my Logo. It is absolutely wonderful!

I am incredibly thankful for my husband and sons’ patience as I have poured over this site and spent endless hours of editing photos. Thank you for your support and love. I am also so grateful for the people who have believed in me and asked me to photograph them or to work alongside them on their projects. Most importantly of all, I am thankful to God as He keeps opening door after door. I could not have done any of this without Him or His strength, I really couldn’t. Yes, I’m definitely thankful and quite gobsmacked at the turn of events this past year and how awesome this journey is! I look forward to sharing more and hopefully being able to help share your stories as well!