Seize the Moment!

I was walking along the road in a very random place and saw all these beautiful purple Lupines and gorgeous bright yellow Buttercups everywhere. I sent out a quick Mini Session post and this wonderful family seized the moment and we got pictures while these brilliant flowers were still in full bloom. Five days later everything had changed. Sometimes we have to drop everything and just appreciate the beauty around us for a moment. Grateful to have had the chance to catch up with old friends and have a lot of fun. We also had a special guest appearance by a friendly garden snake!

Gift for Grandma = Epic Family and Grandbaby Shoot

When I got the call to do a family shoot with 7 littles, I had no idea how much fun we would have. It was wonderful getting to know everyone and seeing how much everyone cared for and loved each other. I hope this captured the essence of who they are ad all the personalities of each tiny human. This was a wonderful morning to be trekking through the forest and we all survived!!!!

The Fleming Family

I had the privilege of meeting and photographing this wonderful family a few weeks ago! We had so much fun, as you can see, and we tried various challenging locations and they never blinked an eye! We even managed to get the dog posing, which I am amazed even happened lol!

As always, my most absolute favourites are those little candid moments where people don’t know they are being photographed and you catch a glimpse of something truly profound. I can’t say enough about how much I love the photo of their one daughter watching her dad from a distance. I am grateful to have caught some of these moments and I hope the Fleming family will enjoy them all, this is just a sneak peak ;).

Leeland – Worship Night at CLM, Langley, BC

This was a really wonderful opportunity to stretch my wings and try something new. And I got to photograph a fellow redhead! What a privilege to work for Covenant of Life Ministries, with Leeland as their guest, and be able to spend an evening combining my two favourite things in this world, Worship Music and Photography!

What I find so beautiful is watching each person interact with God as they spend time in Worship. It takes my breath away to get to observe something so sacred and intimate. I wish I could have posted more of the beautiful photos of the people in the crowd but I wanted to keep those private as it was such a personal moment to see and experience. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you all for this special worship night!

Kim and Jeffrey: The Coolest Wedding Ever

Being able to serve Kim and Jeffrey, not only for their engagement but also for their wedding, was such a privilege. The joy and love for each other was so evident as I observed them through the lens of my camera. When I got to meet their family, it made so much sense why these two are so great for each other.

It was quite the day, especially as it was during the Holidays and we were in the middle of the freezing torrential rain storm that hit the Lower Mainland. These guys were such troopers, as having to change all our photo locations at the last minute was a challenge and everyone went with the flow. Even the dog was relaxed AND the rings were found!! The wedding took place at Science World, which gives a hint as to how fun this couple is ;). I wasn’t sure about it at first but discovered that it has the most stunning views of Vancouver on the water at night, this is a great choice for anyone seeking a unique and beautiful venue. The staff there were phenomenal and even allowed us (with supervision) to use the IMAX to get some really epic shots.

Going through all these pictures again, it makes me smile seeing how much everyone adores each other. So much love and laughter. Kim and Jeffrey, I sincerely wish you and your family all the best that life has to offer as you take this journey together!

Also a huge THANK YOU and shout out to @RAWsoundandfilm for being my most awesome second shooter! 

Christmas is Almost Here! Gift Certificates are Available!

Hi Everyone!

If you are wanting to give a gift that will last and really have meaning, a Photo Session is always a great option! Grandparents especially LOVE being able to have photos of their clan to have in their homes :). I also do Commercial Headshots, Baby portraits, Family portraits etc. It’s a great gift idea that won’t be thrown out after a couple of years!

Pricing is 1 HR – $275 ; Christmas Special 2 HR – $350

Please Contact me at:

Alanah and Family

So we had some fun this year trying to recreate some of the photos that we did last year. Boy have these guys grown as well! they were absolute troopers because it had been down pouring up until 10 minutes before they arrived for their photo session. We were all very wet and cold and grateful for real fires in the warm hearths at the Fort. Thanks for the chance to spend time with your beautiful family again! Till next year hopefully :).

Peppars 2017

What I find so neat about repeat clients is getting to see their children grow and change each year. When you don’t see them for a long time the differences are really profound. I’ve lost count now of how many years I’ve photographed these two and I’m so grateful to see them growing and becoming more and more amazing with each year. Thank you Peppar family for the privilege of serving you again!

The Thiessen/Sawatzky Clan Power Mini Session!

I was amazed at how big of  family we could pack into a short mini session! We had so much fun and I’ve got to say, all these grand babies absolutely adore their Grandpa. And he in turn adores everyone of them.  I loved the dynamic of grandchildren and grandparents in this photo session! Thanks for the privilege to serve your beautiful family!

Legassie Family Mini Session

Well this was definitely a fun photo session of whirlwind children. I absolutely loved their energy and capturing the cute moments when they actually sat still to take a picture for a millisecond. These parents are absolutely amazing but my most favourite part was seeing their mom’s reaction and how she loved the more crazy action photos because that represented their life. John and Hayley, you guys have one wonderful little family!


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