Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: What is your style of photography? A: I am a Natural Light, Candid, Lifestyle Photographer. I have found over the years that the best results happen when people are enjoying themselves, are relaxed and not too “posy.” I prefer capturing people in real moments where I can get a glimpse of their real smiles and not the “pasty, frozen in front of the lens, looking terrified” ones. I use a lot of humour to put my clients at ease and we usually end up in stitches at some point during the session. I have also found that everyone insists on the totally posed group shots, especially for weddings, and I am more than happy to oblige. It’s all about being flexible and helping each person get the desired outcome that they hoped for.
  2. Q: What are your rates? A: Please see the Pricing Page.
  3. Q: How do I book a Photo Session? A: Please fill out the Contact Form and email me. You can also private message me on FB (See link at bottom of page). I will then get back to you as quickly as I can and we can discuss a date and time.
  4. Q: Can I get your Phone Number to contact you regarding a Photo Session? A: Yes, once it has been booked.
  5. Q: What’s the difference between a Regular Session and a Mini-Session? A: A Mini-Session lasts a maximum of 45 minutes. A Regular Session should be at least 1 hour, as it can take time to get in the groove of being comfortable in front of a huge black camera.
  6. Q: How long would you recommend a Portrait Session for? A: It all depends on the type of Session, number of people and whether older or younger children are involved. A simple Individual or Couple’s Portrait Session can go from 1-2 hours depending on what you are looking for. Family Sessions have been known to go up to 3 hours due to dealing with little people melt downs, grouchy husbands not wanting their photos taken, and general familial chaos. I am a patient woman (I have been told 😉 ) and am here to serve you as best as I can. It takes a lot to phase me. So it is a good idea to book more time than less if there are smaller children involved.
  7. Q: What do I receive from the Photo Session? A: After the Session is done I will edit all the photos that are up to my standard of quality. Which means, eyes open, not blurry, good composition etc. You may receive a few candid/comedic relief photos sprinkled throughout as I have found so many times that these end up being everyone’s favourites. Once the photos are completed you will receive a copy of the fully edited, high resolution photos on a flash drive that will be mailed to your specified address.
  8. Q: What do I wear to a Photo Session?  A: Whatever you are comfortable in that reasonably coordinates with any other people in the photos. Simple is best so photos aren’t too busy. It also helps you to stand out from the background. If you are funky and eclectic we will work with that and have a blast! (Please note, any and all people showing up in complete jean outfits will be sent home for a change of clothes 😉 )
  9. Q: Do you have any Pinterest ideas? A: Yes. I have a Pinterest Account that I would be happy to give you the link to once we have decided on a date and time for your Session.
  10. Q: How long will it take for me to receive my Edited Photos? A: Up to 3 weeks for a regular Photo Session, 5 weeks for Weddings as there are usually hundreds of photos to work through.
  11. Q: Can I get every single photo that has been taken? A: No.
  12. Q: Can I receive all the RAW files as well as edited photos? A: No. I do not allow my work to be distributed unedited.
  13. Q: How many photos do I receive? A: A minimum of 80 fully edited photos in both Colour and Black and White. I am someone who has a hard time choosing photos to get rid of so there’s a good chance you will end up with way more than 80 after a 45 minute session.
  14. Q: Do you use Dropbox? A: No. I have used Dropbox and it has been a challenge for people on the receiving end, as the files are large and High Resolution. I have found the Flash-drive to be a very convenient and helpful way to get the photos in your hand as soon as possible. This also enables you to take them anywhere you would like for printing etc.
  15. Q: Do you do Weddings? A: I do weddings on a case by case basis as I am not primarily a wedding photographer.
  16. Q: Do you have a second shooter for Weddings and Events? A: Yes.
  17. Q: Do you do Corporate Portraits? A: Yes.
  18. Q: What is a Corporate Photo Session? A: These are Photo Sessions for Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Charities who are wanting photos for their websites and multi-media. This consists of brainstorming together to come up with a vision of what the client wants and then executing it in realtime. It includes emailing back and forth, phone-call meetings, on site scouting, location research, etc.
  19. Q: Do you do Birthday Parties? A: Yes.
  20. Q: My children have special needs or behavioural challenges, will that be a problem? A: No problem at all! I have two amazing sons who have unique challenges and I love working with children who some may consider difficult to work with.
  21. Q: Are you willing to risk being arrested to get a great photo? (And yes this question did come up and no we did not get arrested 😉 ) A: Not really. I usually like to get permission to take photos in the different locations that we go to.
  22. Q: Who holds the rights to the photos? A: I hold the copyrights to the photos and you have permission to print and distribute all photos that you receive on the Flash-drive. I will also ask you to please sign a waiver giving permission to post a few photos from our session in my Portfolio, Blog and FB pages. I also understand the need for privacy and if you do not wish for me to use your photos publicly, I absolutely understand and will not post any. A lot of my work has been confidential and has not been posted.
  23. Q: Can I reprint any of the photos? A: You  can reprint all photos that you receive on the USB Flash-drive.
  24. Q: Can animals be involved in the photoshoot? A: Yes, I have done a lot of shoots with horses, kittens, puppies, chickens, and peacocks, you name it, I’m game. I’ve even held onto an ornery pony that did not want to cooperate whilst taking pictures of a family. Said pony was also chewing on my pants. Only exception is bugs. I WILL NOT DO BUGS.
  25. Q: Are your Art pictures for sale? A: Yes. I sell Jpeg files for printing or I can print different sized canvasses and have them delivered to you. Please contact me with any enquiries to purchase.
  26. Q: Will you travel for Photo Sessions? A: Yes, if travel expenses are covered.

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