Celebration in the Challenges

So this is the session that has been the catalyst, launching my little business into something I could not have imagined doing! As you have seen in my earlier blog posts, I started doing “Porch”traits as a way of giving back to our community here in Cloverdale, BC. A local mother saw what I was doing and approached me, as it was her daughter’s 18th Birthday coming up, and she was really sad because all of her grad events were cancelled. She had this absolutely stunning dress to wear and nowhere to go. She asked if I would consider doing a “Porch”trait session on her birthday for her. I thought it was an absolutely wonderful idea and it really touched my heart as a mom, and also as someone who has a teen in grade 12 as well.

I asked her if I could share some of the photos, as I thought they turned out beautifully, and she said yes. I asked if she would also consider passing on the word that I would be willing to help out local grads if needed. She had also wanted to pay me and I felt weird charging, due to how things are right now for everyone , so I said it could be just pay what you’re able.

I did not anticipate the response I would get from the High School she went to and moms began to slowly contact me.

*You’ll have to read the next Blog Post for more of the story 😉