Cake Smash!!! Porchtrait Session

I was excited when a mom approached me about doing a cake-smash session in her front yard. She had been worried she’d miss out on this milestone and I was so happy to be able to help them out! Nothing like that first glorious taste of icing sugar and then the horrible disappointment of having it all washed off afterwards lol! Happy first Birthday Little Man!

Friends Since Preschool

This was a first, getting to finally take pictures of friends in small groups! These three have known each other since pre-school and the moms were super excited to have them be able to take pictures for graduation together to commemorate this milestone!

So fun and some of the fur siblings got in on the action as well!

Disney Princess in the Making

Sometimes we get a chance to find treasures that are waiting to be discovered in unexpected places. I was so thrilled to meet this young lady and have her be game to try some rather unique photo ops. She had some really amazing neighbours that were game for her to model their front porch and other neighbours that had THE COOLEST truck I’ve ever seen!

We had so much fun and it really felt like we were on a Disney Movie set haha! I was so thrilled with how this session turned out and doubly excited for her to get to keep these pics!

Ethereal Beauty

I always love seeing the interactions between the students and friends/family who are usually trying to make them laugh. I must admit that this young lady’s Dad was there and was able to crack a smile out of her with some pretty awful, yet classic, Dad jokes. Even if just for a moment. We had a lovely time and I got to share a bit about my modelling past as she also had been a model for some time. We both agreed it was a challenging industry to be in especially because of how critical they are of body image. I love having the chance to capture photos that express the beauty of who the person is from the inside out, as that to me is the truest form of beauty.

Baby Bump In Quarantine

I don’t think any of us had a clue what this year would bring and we are not even halfway through it yet! I was so excited when this beautiful momma asked if I would do a “Baby bump Porchtrait” session. She thought she’d be missing this part of her journey in pictures and I was thrilled that she asked! Of course it was a no brainer! With everything going on and people self isolating, it can be super challenging, especially when a huge life event like this is taking place. For me, documenting these big life moments is very important and I believe essential for people’s mental well being. This is so worth celebrating! I’m really excited for these two! It’s going to be a great year!

Finding Joy

It has been such a great experience getting to know each grad and also being able to bring some joy into the challenges that so many of them have been facing. I love seeing each student and their family light up like Christmas trees because they finally get to wear their outfit that they have put so much thought and effort into. Everyone gasps when they come through the door and that is just priceless.

I know it’s not grad, but as you can see on this lovely young ladies face, she is having a lot of fun! How many times do we get to twirl in something fancy? Quite frankly I believe once in a lifetime is not enough lol! I really really want to go and try on some dresses now just so I can twirl!

Beauty that Shines!

I’m a huge fan of rose gold and sequens! I admit I may have a skirt that looks very similar 😉 ! It’s so pretty and I think really reflected the beauty of this young lady. Her mom wanted to make this special and also had a corsage made for her. It looked so pretty on her wrist.

We had a lot of fun chatting and discovering neat locations to take pictures around her home and I thought this tin shed really made her stand out! She’s such a beauty inside and out! Even her Main Coon cat got in on the session!

A True Gem

This young lady was absolutely lovely and the love you could feel with her family there, was so special. Their family has been through a lot and as her mom and I chatted weeks before this session happened, we got to know each other a bit better and discovered we’d both had a very tough few years, to say the least. It also brought hope for us to know someone else who has also been through a lot. Their daughter is definitely the apple of their eye, as she has been such a huge support to her family. She is going to become a social worker and after getting to know her a bit better, I’d say she is going to be excellent in that career choice.

Friends for Life

Well this was the hottest day of the year so far (at least thats how it felt 😉 haha!) and we were shooting in BROAD DAYLIGHT! These young ladies were troopers! We had a lot of fun trying to find the coolest places in the yard to take photos. I nearly jumped out of my chair when I saw how pretty the dogwood photos turned out to be, I seriously love my job! These lovelies have grown up together and are best friends. What a great way to remember this time and to celebrate them graduating. So So special!