Autumn Colours at the Historic Stewart Farm

This was such a fun morning! The cloud cover was enough to bring out all the vibrant hues in the leaves on the trees! We had one big brother that wasn’t too happy about being woken up on a cold farm morning, but we did get him to smile :)! I included the one photo of the Dad trying to console him so you can get a glimpse of what life is actually like on a shoot. It’s my favourite photo, because it shows the perseverance and also exhaustion in trying to keep little ones looking picture perfect for family photos and how much love and patience it takes to make it work! These are real moments and they make me laugh and also smile knowing that all of us go through this, we are not alone! This session was a Christmas gift from the two sisters for their mom. I thought that was so beautiful and we waited until baby number two was born so she could be in the photos as well! SO fun! It was a beautiful morning getting to know this wonderful family and seeing the love and connection they have with each other. This is what life is about, FAMILY.