Capturing Important Life Moments

I was honoured to be asked by this wonderful family, if I could document this moment in time for them. Their Grandfather had just been diagnosed with Cancer and was about to begin Chemo. We had a single window of Thanksgiving Day to make it happen. This was also the weekend that my family used to celebrate my Dad’s Birthday on, and the year before was the last chance we had, to sing Happy Birthday to him. He lost his battle with Leukaemia only a couple weeks later in 2018. So to have this family contact me and ask for this type of a photo session on this specific day was such a beautiful way for me to honour not only them but also my Dad. To say this was an emotional session would be a huge understatement. My heart ached for them as well as myself and I treasured capturing the tender moments between them and their Father/Grandpa. This was such a treasured time and I am so grateful to have been let in to such a sacred moment. There was also so much joy as you can obviously see in the photos. I think I went away more blessed and my heart full than they did! A few months later they reached out to let me know that he is doing really well and I am so grateful to have had the chance to be a part of their journey.