Into the Woods

I know I say I have a lot of fun in basically every single post I write, but honestly, I really do! I love meeting so many different people in my line of work. It feels like Christmas every time I arrive at a location and see what, and who, I get to work with. And I must admit, I REALLY want to go dress shopping now, haha! So many beautiful dresses. But what I think is most amazing is how each grad makes their outfit their own. It’s like showing the world a bit of who they are on the inside and yes, so many of them truly sparkle! I find that the dresses really reflect the beauty that’s in each grad that I meet.

I was so excited to photograph another redhead! Yes, I’m a bit partial, shhhhhhhh…. It’s like having a kindred spirit, in a sense, and I’m sure Anne of Green Gables would have agreed! Although this session felt more like she was about to break into song and birds were going to show up to place Daisy chains upon her head. It was awesome!

This lovely young lady has written plays and has studied theatre. I sincerely hope I can see her in the local Theatre scene soon! She will be unforgettable!