So Much Love <3

Through this season I have absolutely loved getting to meet new people and families! This family really really made my day though.

Through all of this, I keep seeing a common thread with parents wanting to help their children have something to look forward to with so much being taken away right now. The grieving is real. For families, not being able to celebrate all the years of hard work, tears and sweat to get their kids to the point of graduation is really hard. I am so grateful to be able to bring a small glimpse of joy to their lives in celebration of who their kids are and the hopes and dreams they have for them for the future.

A lot of times, you just think about the immediate family and how it affects them, yet so often, Grand Parents, Aunts and Uncles and close friends are just as invested in these kids and love them so so much. This photo session turned into a wonderful surprise. We were taking pictures and then I saw a look of shock on her face and I turned around and snapped the last photo in this post. It was so adorable. Family had driven from all over to come and see her in her gown! No one knew they were coming. The expression on her Grandma’s face says it all. It reminds me of how precious family is and how important these moments are to celebrate together. May we NEVER forget.