A True Classic

What can I say about this session? I must admit that it is pretty great when the grandparents provide really cool cars to photograph with! We had a wonderful time playing around with angles and figuring out fun ways to use the car! When editing, I loved how this had such a period feel to it, as if we had travelled back in time to the glamorous days of old. And of course we HAD to get at least one photo with the dog haha! I think I should start a new line of photography called, “Grad and Pet Sessions!” Pets LOVE  being a part of photoshoots too and I haven’t found a single human to object yet, lol!

Into the Woods

I know I say I have a lot of fun in basically every single post I write, but honestly, I really do! I love meeting so many different people in my line of work. It feels like Christmas every time I arrive at a location and see what, and who, I get to work with. And I must admit, I REALLY want to go dress shopping now, haha! So many beautiful dresses. But what I think is most amazing is how each grad makes their outfit their own. It’s like showing the world a bit of who they are on the inside and yes, so many of them truly sparkle! I find that the dresses really reflect the beauty that’s in each grad that I meet.

I was so excited to photograph another redhead! Yes, I’m a bit partial, shhhhhhhh…. It’s like having a kindred spirit, in a sense, and I’m sure Anne of Green Gables would have agreed! Although this session felt more like she was about to break into song and birds were going to show up to place Daisy chains upon her head. It was awesome!

This lovely young lady has written plays and has studied theatre. I sincerely hope I can see her in the local Theatre scene soon! She will be unforgettable!

Double Graduation

No, the puppy is not graduating, but I’d say he definitely won the adorable face of the year award! These twins, yes twins, are the ones graduating! When asked if the puppy could also take part, I of course said yes! I love having parts of who people really are come out in a session, and the little fur ball helped bring a lot of genuine smiles! Just before Quarantine, their family got this little guy and he really helped them cope while everything was going crazy.

Once the sibling/puppy session was done we went in hunt of flowers and the neighbourhood did not disappoint! I love finding beauty in the most unexpected of places and I think these gorgeous pinks and trees brought out the natural beauty in this lovely young lady and boy does her brother ever have the most amazing red hair I’ve ever seen! Coming from a red head that says a lot! I was a tad jealous ;). Thanks for letting me into your world for a few minutes! It was such a pleasure meeting everyone!

Going Places

I really enjoy getting to know these students and hearing what they plan on doing with their lives after High School. This young man is heading off to Culinary School in the fall which is super amazing! He loves to cook and I think that’s fantastic! I’ll be keeping an eye out for him on the foodie scene in a couple years! Congratulations!

So Much Love <3

Through this season I have absolutely loved getting to meet new people and families! This family really really made my day though.

Through all of this, I keep seeing a common thread with parents wanting to help their children have something to look forward to with so much being taken away right now. The grieving is real. For families, not being able to celebrate all the years of hard work, tears and sweat to get their kids to the point of graduation is really hard. I am so grateful to be able to bring a small glimpse of joy to their lives in celebration of who their kids are and the hopes and dreams they have for them for the future.

A lot of times, you just think about the immediate family and how it affects them, yet so often, Grand Parents, Aunts and Uncles and close friends are just as invested in these kids and love them so so much. This photo session turned into a wonderful surprise. We were taking pictures and then I saw a look of shock on her face and I turned around and snapped the last photo in this post. It was so adorable. Family had driven from all over to come and see her in her gown! No one knew they were coming. The expression on her Grandma’s face says it all. It reminds me of how precious family is and how important these moments are to celebrate together. May we NEVER forget.

Beautiful New Beginnings

For me, being a photographer is one of life’s greatest privileges. I get invited into incredibly beautiful and sacred moments in people’s lives, even if just for a moment. There is so much vulnerability in these moments and I hope with all my heart that I am able to capture what each individual hopes for. I am not only photographing faces but people’s characters and emotions, the essence of who they truly are. I loved being welcomed into this beautiful mama’s yard for photos of her sweet baby boy. With all the restrictions in place, the typical photo sessions still cannot happen, so we had to get creative with what was at hand. We were both so pleased with the results! He is so adorable!!!

Beauty in Blue

I really enjoy showing up to places and discovering what hidden treasures there are around the homes and how we can use them to create pictures that bring out the beauty in each individual. This lovely young lady looked stunning in her blue floral gown and she made everything around her shine with her gentle smile and demeanour. I must say that the blue in her dress really brought out the gorgeous colour of her eyes!

2 Metre Distance Relationship

When I was asked if would consider doing a session with a couple who were graduating, I said I would try. We came up with some great social distancing ideas and the Hockey stick was one of their mom’s ideas. I can’t imagine a truer Canadian way to do a social distancing photograph than with a hockey stick! So fun! These two were real troopers. The social distancing is so hard when you are a young couple living in separate homes. My heart really went out to them. Thanks for letting me be a part of your world for a few minutes of your day! It brought a smile to everyone around us!

Great Aspirations

One of the things I love about doing photography is getting to know my subjects. In a session it can feel so awkward to be in front of the camera. It’s my job to help each person relax. One of these ways is by finding out what their interests and passions are. This young gentleman is definitely going places! He is heading to University this fall to study Psychology. I can already picture him being a Dr. or someone who will help people. I am grateful that within a very short period of time, I was able to help him come out of his shell, and take these wonderful grad photos. Thanks for the privilege to serve you in this momentous time in your life!

Enchanted Paths

I loved the fact that this family’s home was close to a walking path. We were able to get some great shots in some very strange and unexpected places that made it look like she was actually in a huge enchanted forest! She was such a great sport and I was so grateful to have a chance to take the time and document this pivotal moment in her life.

She is a true beauty inside and out!

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