Kristina and Michael Engagement

I was so excited when Kristina asked if I could do their Engagement photos! These two have been through a lot living literally on opposite ends of Canada and maintaining a beautiful (but I’m sure challenging) long distance relationship. This was the week he came to pick her up and take her back to Saskatchewan to prepare for their wedding day. She not only moved to Saskatoon but they had their wedding in Ontario! These guys have such a huge heart for people and ministry. They are incredible in so many ways and I am grateful to have had the chance to really get to know Kristina over the past couple of years. I am looking forward to many more years of friendship and I am excited to see where these two are headed! I pray for every wonderful blessing that they could possibly hope for, as they begin this journey together.

Baby Henry Turned 1!!

What I absolutely love as a photographer, is getting to see the families grow each time I see them. It’s usually a year or more between photos, so to see the changes and growth is sometimes shocking. To see little Henry go from being just a new born to this curious bundle of squishy cheeked goodness was so awesome. Thanks for letting me capture this special day!

Mission Engagement

I am always game for some adventure and when this couple contacted me about an engagement session with horses and dirt bikes, I could not resist! It was such a great morning and seriously cold! But they were champions on this freezing January morning and I think these photos turned out beautifully!

The Stunning Sade

As I said, I think I’ve started a thing lol! I decided to set up my portable studio at home and create a space for doing portraits. I was so excited to be able to do headshots for Sade’s book that she’s written. She was also able to use these for promotional materials and for conferences that she speaks at. It was a privilege to serve her and to see the end result. You are such a beauty inside and out Sade! Thank you for trusting me with this project!

The Beautiful Emily Copeland

So I had an inquiry about doing some studio shots. It was for the lovely artist Emily Copeland. She needed a portrait for the gallery in New York that is displaying her pieces. Pretty darn cool eh? I think I’ve started something haha! I really enjoyed taking my portable studio on location and spending time getting to know her and seeing some of her Art Work. It truly is stunning and she is incredibly gifted. Check out her website at, she’s pretty amazing!

Fort Langley Autumn Shenanigans

My dear friend had a birthday and in celebration we took photos! It became quite the family affair and we had so much fun laughing and being silly. When you see families joking around and playing together you really get a sense of their hearts. So much laughter and teasing going on. They definitely love each other a lot. Thanks for letting me share in this day!

The Beautiful Marianna

So before this lovey lady went back to Atlanta Georgia, we were able to get a quick “Canadian in the woods” photo session done. We had a blast and to say that she is greatly missed would be an understatement. Thanks for letting me capture you on camera and thanks for how you loved all us Canucks up here!

Autumn Family Time

Well I’ve gotta say that I really adore this bunch of humans! It was so much fun doing a quick mini session with them, especially with all the beautiful fall colours!

Autumn Colours at the Historic Stewart Farm

This was such a fun morning! The cloud cover was enough to bring out all the vibrant hues in the leaves on the trees! We had one big brother that wasn’t too happy about being woken up on a cold farm morning, but we did get him to smile :)! I included the one photo of the Dad trying to console him so you can get a glimpse of what life is actually like on a shoot. It’s my favourite photo, because it shows the perseverance and also exhaustion in trying to keep little ones looking picture perfect for family photos and how much love and patience it takes to make it work! These are real moments and they make me laugh and also smile knowing that all of us go through this, we are not alone! This session was a Christmas gift from the two sisters for their mom. I thought that was so beautiful and we waited until baby number two was born so she could be in the photos as well! SO fun! It was a beautiful morning getting to know this wonderful family and seeing the love and connection they have with each other. This is what life is about, FAMILY.

Fort Langley Milestones

I absolutely love getting to take pictures of the same families each year. It is an amazing opportunity to see them grow and this time they also have another one on the way! So they are not only growing in size but also in number! I hope I get to meet baby number six soon!