Birmingham, UK with Alex T.


It was pretty awesome getting to hike around Birmingham looking for cool places to take photos. Had a great time with Alex figuring out concepts and ideas that he envisioned for his music website! Having it come together like this is pretty exciting. I love collaborating and supporting the visions people have. I had a tough time picking a few photos to give you just a taste of what we did. Stay tuned for this very talented musician’s website coming soon!

The Beautiful Julie B.

Wow we had so much fun doing this shoot! It kind of turned into an editorial by the time I was done lol! It’s so fun to just get dressed up and head up a mountain to take pictures. Mind you the flies at this time of year are HORRENDOUS, but one could never tell by how calm and serene Julie looks! I think she did a pretty great job! So glad she asked me to take her pictures! This wonderful young woman has a heart of gold and is the, and I quote, “Perfect Angel ;).”